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axiReach® facilitates your business to concentrate on its core functions by effectively managing the information assets through delivering business-specific products and solutions integrated into a comprehensive infrastructure. Our infrastructure has the future built into it, as it is designed to incorporate new products and composite solution upgrades.

If you use our service then our Fair Use Policy applies to you.

To ensure everyone gets a fair share of our High Performance we have implemented a 'Fair Use' policy. This only applies to users who are “heavy” or “excessive” user of data transferred and is usually related to the use of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) or file sharing software, upload and download large files such as movies and music to their computer on a daily basis. These users take up excessive bandwidth, slowing the connection down for everyone else that uses the network between the hours of 7am and 3am, seven days a week.

Why have one?

Well it's designed to make sure your broadband service is fast and reliable whenever you use it. Some of our broadband customers use file sharing software and download large files like music and videos. This uses up lots of network capacity leaving less available for you. If they're doing this at peak times, it could mean that the speed of your broadband service will be affected.

How much broadband usage is too much?

Day to day surfing, checking emails and occasional downloading should not set off any alarms and you won't need to hear from us, however, downloading a 1-3GB movie every day is almost certain to. The key is to keep an eye on the amount that you are downloading and, if classed as a heavy or excessive user, restructure your internet usage pattern so that you are not uploading or downloading at peak times.

Am I likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy?

If you don't use file sharing software or download large files from the Internet it's unlikely you'll ever be affected by this Policy. If you do, all we ask is that you do so considerately, perhaps by downloading outside the peak hours of 7am to 3am.

What will happen if my use is very high?

If you only occasionally have very high usage, we're unlikely to be concerned unless it becomes a regular or continued occurrence and more importantly, if it starts to affect other users. If this does happen then we'll get in touch to help you find ways to reduce your usage.

If your usage continues to be very high, we'll get in touch again. Ultimately, if your usage still remains excessive despite our attempts to help you reduce it, we may have to suspend your service and possibly close your account.

We don't want to do that, and with your support and goodwill we'll work with you to see if we can avoid this happening.