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Investing in you to maximize your revenue potential
axiReach® facilitates your business to concentrate on its core functions by effectively managing the information assets through delivering business-specific products and solutions integrated into a comprehensive infrastructure. Our infrastructure has the future built into it, as it is designed to incorporate new products and composite solution upgrades.
Making Technology Easier
for Your Travelers

As a Building Manager, you are seeking no-cost, creative ways to attract and retain residents--while at the same time increase the value of your properties. Today, axiReach is able to expand the living experience of your residents to include advanced High Speed Internet Access at no cost to you. The convenience of accessing an "always-on" Internet service at a high speed from each apartment unit can greatly influence prospective resident's decisions to sign on the dotted line. axiReach provides residents in apartment buildings and condominiums this cost effective High Speed Internet Access Service. As an IT company, axiReach will make the initial investment into your internet services. Once the infrastructure is in place, axiReach has a host of other services that will also be attractive to current and perspective residents, such as Video on demand and video recorder.

axiReach offers a cost efficient way to provide a service to your residents, which makes you more marketable. In today’s economy, providing high speed internet and WiFi is vital as many people are now turning to working at home as a source of income and will be in need of internet at home. Our services are no costs to the condo association or building management, and we provide top of the line customer support and services 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We even give your residents their own number to call where one of our customer support representatives will give them personal help with their internet services at no extra cost.

axiReach® provides scalable, easy to manage internet-based solutions for higher business performance and profitability through persistent high-quality information accessibility for internal and external clients.
  • Internet
  • Video on Demand
  • Phone with Voicemail in each guest’s room
  • Increasing marketability for your business
  • Unlimited customer support
Server Management Platform allowing you to properly monitor and charge for the internet simply and easily. Our SMP will also allow you to charge for Video on Demand, and utilize the program for other administrative tasks.
  • A way to monitor your own service
  • Traffic usage
  • Online billing – monitor profits
  • SMP can connect into hotel management
axiReach® has a 3 tier service making your IT solution quick and simple. With our feature rich centralized administration (SMP) managing your network and internet has never been easier.
  • Basic internet infrastructure
  • Video On Demand
  • PBX Phone solution