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axiReach® facilitates your business to concentrate on its core functions by effectively managing the information assets through delivering business-specific products and solutions integrated into a comprehensive infrastructure. Our infrastructure has the future built into it, as it is designed to incorporate new products and composite solution upgrades.
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axiReach’s Business & Customer Portal assists the Server Management Platform (SMP) by functioning as the main component for automatic processing and stores information regarding service usage, aggregated statistics and monitoring data. Personalized information is made available to multiple user groups by the Portal, ensuring that each user has access to the appropriate information, through a dedicated Venue Portal. Core functions of the Business & Customer Portal are:

Monitoring: Business & Customer Portal’s monitoring functionality serves as the means of maintaining the status of the entire network, not only focusing on the solution components, but the hardware elements of the network such as routers and switches. The monitoring functionality in the Server Platform consists of five main parts:

  • Node Monitoring
  • Alarm Collection
  • Tree Display of Network Status
  • Status History Logs
  • Status Reports

Reporting: This function of the Business & Customer Portal operates as serving the needs of the network management unit by providing detailed information, generated reports and diagrams.

Statistics: Business & Customer Portal’s statistics functionality consists of:

  • Gathering and storing data regarding the usage from the Server Management Platforms, and the ability to search for usage data records.
  • Directly gathers statistics from the Access Controllers, provides its graphical presentation.
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