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axiReach® facilitates your business to concentrate on its core functions by effectively managing the information assets through delivering business-specific products and solutions integrated into a comprehensive infrastructure. Our infrastructure has the future built into it, as it is designed to incorporate new products and composite solution upgrades.
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Virtual Office allows the remote use of all the essential office-related tools and features with the help of smart use of technology and network links, which is highly efficient and hassle free.

In today's constantly changing business atmosphere, flexibility and speed are vital for success and this is what the Virtual Office solution offers. With all the sophisticated technologies that exist today, it is possible for an individual to never "leave the office", while maintaining a flexible work arrangement. Virtual Office solution encompasses this notion and enables you to provide it to your customers. axiReach® offers a variety of virtual office packages that best suits your business, through implementing an affordable, adaptable and scalable framework to meet all your business and customer needs. Some benefits of Virtual Office are:

  • Quick to set up
  • Pay-per-use billing reduces costs
  • Full office services at a fraction of the cost
  • Freedom to be mobile.
  • Customers, irrespective of their presence, will receive all important calls, mails, post, and fax.
  • Reduces hassles; customers will have the option of transferring all their calls to the Virtual Office interface and receive only the ones they wish to.
  • Virtual Office supports web conferencing which is particularly advantageous for professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Cost-effective; allows you to monitor the usage and charge accordingly. 
  • Official Address; customers can use the Virtual Office address, which will accepts all the mails on their behalf.
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